Develop High Performance Leaders and Leadership Teams to Fuel Your Company's Future Growth and Success Tap into the Energy and Creativity That Pulls Your Organization to the Next Level of Growth Unleash Your Company's WOW Advantage by Building an Inspiring Culture 'Since working with Denise, our company has grown 70%'

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Is the Company You Are Today Sacrificing...
The Company You Are Meant to Become?

Leaders in Growth-Driven Companies: Are you paying too high a price to get to the next level?

  • Has today’s success turned your fairy tale growth story into a costly and chaotic nightmare?
  • Has your company “hit a wall,” now challenged to get to the next growth level?
  • Are today’s demands sacrificing tomorrow’s possibilities and “real” mission?

Would you like to drive and sustain profitable business growth… on your terms?

Despite today’s conventional leadership thinking, growing bigger and quicker is not always better. Every company that has ever embarked on this path will eventually experience the double edge sword of fast growth.

Growth is not bad in and of itself. However, many companies fail or struggle during this phase because they lack the necessary leadership capacity, organizational culture, infrastructure and people practices to drive healthy growth.

As a result, such companies get blind-sided by operational breakdowns, burnout, poor service or product delivery, increased chaos and crises, reduced margins and suffering cash flow.

One Thing... Can Change Everything

ONE Thing... That Can Change EVERYTHING

I’m Denise Corcoran, Founder of The Empowered Business—a 28 year leadership performance and organizational transformation company—helping leaders to become catalysts and game changers when the stakes are high and time short to drive double digit growth...on your terms.

We offer a unique blend of leadership performance and organizational transformation solutions that inspire, challenge, unleash and transform the mindset, capacities and capabilities that pull your company forward to that next level.

Partner with The Empowered Business and Founder Denise Corcoran to:

  • Accelerate change and ignite potential on a leadership and organizational level
  • Push the envelope in what you and your organization can achieve
  • Drive and sustain growth
  • Successfully solve problems that have no precedence
  • Escalate rapid results at every level within your company.

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Where to Next?

Where to Next?

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