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Five Compelling Advantages for You

Five Compelling Advantages for You

Imagine a world where even the smallest change can catalyze a leap into new possibilities and realities within you and your organization.  A world in which one moment you or your employees feel asleep, stagnant and empty … and the next moment you feel alive, awake and ignited.   A world where vision becomes reality and you become the architect of your future.

Welcome to the world of The Empowered Business™ – a 28 year leadership and organizational transformation company specializing in accelerating change and igniting potential.  The Empowered Business™ are masters at deep, yet rapid transformation and growth within you and your organization.

When you work with The Empowered Business™, be prepared to enter a world where possibilities become actualities.  Where rapid breakthroughs become the norm.  Where a new way of being and doing will escalate your bottom line.   Here’s why.

Breakthrough Results That Will Transform Your Business

What You Can Expect When You Engage The Empowered Business™

  • You will be transported to a new arena of performance possibilities and competitive advantages.  When you work with us, you will experience a leap in you and your organization’s performance. You will awaken untapped potential within yourself and your employees you never knew existed.  Rapid sustainable breakthroughs in what you can achieve will become the norm.  You will learn how to build a strong accountability culture that delivers on company goals at every level.  This is the promise of The Empowered Business™.
  • Your thinking and focus will shift from tactical to strategic … from tunnel-vision to “big picture” … from fragmented to systemic … from competence to mastery.  The increasing complexity and erratic changes in today’s business world are stressful for leaders.  Yet with our help, you will elevate your thinking above the maze of confusion and complexity.  You will not just change what you think (focus), but also how you think (structure and process).
    • As a result, you will have the capacity to view your business landscape with a 10,000 foot perspective.  You will be able to sift through the constant distractions and noise in order to identify the real issues and stay focused on what’s most importantYou will unleash your mind to innovative solutions and opportunities.   No longer will you be trapped in the “muck and mire” of everyday crises.  You will be driving critical results with greater impact and in less time.
  • You will tap into your deepest sources of inspiration and passion … that place where your “A” game resides.  From our work together, you will learn how to ignite the “spark” and harness the invisible force within yourself and your employees. You will know how to engage their hearts, minds and spirits and inspire them to succeed and perform at their best.
    • You will recognize that organizations are “living systems” and your role is to direct that flow of energy and transform it into desired results.  Our clients report dramatic leaps in individual, team and organizational performance in matter of weeks, not months and years like other approaches.
  • We hold the space and vision of who you can become, while honoring who you are now.  We meet you where you are with the deepest respect and care.  Yet we see through the veil overshadowing your potential.  We will challenge your small thinking and being.  We will ask provocative questions that will ignite, inspire and awaken.  We will not allow you to be anything less than your most expansive self as a leader.
  • You will experience the fastest, easiest way to transform leadership and organizational results.  We uniquely offer holistic, systemic solutions for addressing today’s increasing paradoxes and ambiguity as a leader.   Our approach unifies, integrates and connects the dots at the Big Picture level.  It shifts your mental paradigm from either-or to both thinking … from what is to what can be.  No longer will your efforts be fragmented.  You will know how to align the strategic with the tactical, the intangible with the tangible, being with doing.

Our Unique Approach Drives Unique Impact

Our Unique Approach Drives Unique ImpactThe breadth, depth and unique diversity of our approach has been the “secret weapon” for many of our clients.  Here’s why.

There are thousands of leadership and organizational consulting companies.  Some follow old-school approaches.  Some address surface symptoms and short term fixes.  Some stick to academic approaches far removed from real world business challenges.

The Empowered Business™ is different.  We are experts in the next evolution of leadership and organizational transformation − what we call The Quantum approach.  Most consultants focus on actuality and what is.  We focus on potentiality and what can be.  Most consultants merely rearrange the furniture in the room.  We change the structure of the room to create more space and possibilities.

In this New Business Arena, We Stand Out from the Crowd in
Three Important Ways

1. Our broad, deep business experience/expertise provides “hard to beat” client impact. In the past 40 years, we have worked with start-ups to multi-billion $$ companies, with CEOs and executives, as well as front-line employees.   We have in-depth expertise and experience in both strategy development and leadership/organizational development.

  • This unique marriage allows us to uncover deep systemic issues and opportunities … align leadership and organizational performance with a company’s vision, goals and strategies … connect the “dots” at the big picture level that so many executives miss in their day to day focus.

2. We understand the unique challenges and needs of emerging and fast growth companies.  That is our core specialty.  Either fast growth will often overwhelm the company, potentially spiraling them into burnout, breakdowns and chaos.   Or growth will come to a dead stop and the organization will “hit a wall” in its thinking and results.  At this point, the company struggles in knowing how to get to that next level of growth.

  • The Empowered Business™ knows how to uncover the real issues in the growth phase of a company.  Our proprietary framework defines and assesses that “next level” of leadership capacity, culture, infrastructure and people practices necessary for a company to grow and achieve its vision and goals.

3. The Empowered Business™ Advantage – a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional approach — delivers real transformation and growth.  Despite popular focus on “change management,” “transformational leadership” and “emotional intelligence,” most fixate on one approach, one model – thus, limiting your results and way of thinking.

  • The Empowered Business™ Advantage, however, draws from a wide spectrum of cutting edge disciplines such as Neuroscience, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Thinking, Systems Theory, Spiral Dynamics, as well as behavioral-cognitive approaches, psychology and emotional/social intelligence.
  • Our multi-disciplinary approach will quickly shake your thinking, shift your habits and change your mental models that prevent you from getting to that next level of growth.  We teach you not just what to think differently.  We teach you how to think differently that explodes your creativity, intuition and unique talents.  We help you to move beyond what is to what can be, while still grounded to and working with the “here and now.”
Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with us and our unique approach, visit the services and programs page to learn more about the specific solutions we offer.