In-Visioning℠: Creating Game-Changing Success by Creating a New Future Story

Imagine… it’s three years from now.  And you get to be the architect of your organization’s future story.

  • Be the Architect of Your Future StoryWhat did your organization accomplish during those three years?
  • In what ways did your leadership team and organization need to change to achieve that success?
  • What obstacles did you have to overcome?

All great success stories – whether they be on an individual or company level – have one thing in common.  They all start with a clear, compelling vision of what could be … who they could become … what difference they could make for a better future.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

The purpose of a vision is to paint a picture of your desired future end game. It’s critical to your company both internally and externally. Internally it pulls you and your employees forward to that desired future, while externally your vision should differentiate a company from its competitors.  When done right, a company vision can have a profound effect on organizational performance and achievement.

While most companies and individuals know the power of vision, few succeed in making their vision a reality.

Even for those companies who started with a strong vision, great achievements can often die quickly when the company loses sight of that future end game and why it is important.

So What Are the Real Reasons Why Your Vision is Likely to Fail?

  1. Your vision lacks the necessary specificity, simplicity, and inspiration to pull your company forward.
    That is, your vision lacks intentionality, concreteness and emotional teeth on a gut level in what you really want to achieve and who you need to become in the process.   Powerful visions grab and motivate people toward your desired future.  Weak visions are meaningless superlatives or vague language that have no energy and fall flat on your organization.  How would you rate your vision?
  2. Your vision lacks commitment and “ownership.”
    There is a big difference between wanting vs. deciding a desired future.  One is built on hope and maybe’s .  The other is backed by 100% commitment to the outcome.  The word decide in its Latin root form means to cut off all other possibilities.  While none of us can guarantee our future, owning your future will make it a reality.  Have you chosen to go the distance, no matter the obstacles?
  3. Your vision lacks the necessary leadership capacity and infrastructure to drive that vision into everyday activities.
    While passion, specificity and commitment are all prerequisites for a successful vision, your leadership and organizational capabilities must be at the necessary level to drive it. In the words of Thoreau, “For things to change, we must change.”   The leader and organization you are today cannot take you to where you want to be tomorrow. This often missed piece is why most companies’ visions fail.

What Your Company Is Really Wanting Instead 

A company’s vision is like a beautiful work of art.  It’s personal and it connects with you deeply.  You just know it’s the right one.

For your company’s vision to succeed, however, it requires more than a good feeling.  What you really need in addition is:

  1. A compelling vision that wins the hearts and minds of employees, resulting in buy-in and commitment.
  2. A clear vision that ignites your senses – ie., a vision you can see, hear and feel – to internalize and make it real.
    Generating passion about your vision is a right brain activity igniting the emotional center and imagination of your brain.  While quantifiable outcomes are important later, they don’t motivate people to action.
  3. A bold vision that challenges you to new heights.
    Successful visions challenge the status quo.  When you stretch yourself in bold ways, it catalyzes new thinking, behaviors and actions within your organization.  A must for achieving your desired future.
  4. A shared vision that creates synergies and cohesion.
    Failed visions are usually created by a few leaders at the top.  A successful vision represents the entire voice of your company.  Your employees want to participate in a bigger cause and be involved in the creation and execution process.
  5. A congruent vision aligned with your values and mission.
    Your vision is only one stepping stone to a new future.  Your values are your compass of how to get there.  Your mission specifies who you need to become to reach your vision.  All must work together for a successful outcome.
  6. A concrete vision with “feet.”
    In addition to creating a new endgame, strong visions must also be strategically sound.  They must be concrete, tangible and have a clear  proof of success. They ultimately should drive your strategic plan.
  7. A memorable vision that tells a story.
    Too many companies fall into the trap of articulating their vision in intellectual jargon that has no power.  To create a powerful vision, you must articulate it as an unfolding story – both about the destination and the journey. Stories unite, create trust, are easy to remember and are transformative.  Great visions reveal the hero within us all. 

The Solution? In-Visioning℠:  Creating Game-Changing Organizational Success By Creating a New Future Story

Our In-Visioning program is a MUST for any organization in which:
Create Game-Changing Organizational Success by Creating a New Future Story

  • Short terms needs and crises have trumped your long terms goals and direction;
  • Growth has plateaued and doing more of the same isn’t working; or
  • You have lost sight of the passion that once drove your success and you would like to rekindle the fire and momentum.

Our In-Visioning program is modeled after Walt Disney’s world-renowned Imagineering process – a whole brain process combining both imagination and engineering.

The End Result:  We help you not only create a clear vision that gets you excited, moves you to action and generates momentum and direction.  We also help you put the execution plan and success measurements in place, achieve organizational alignment and develop the leadership capacity to drive it.  Here’s how.

In-Visioning Program Structure 

Our program is structured into the following two main phases, with a pre-program discovery process prior to those phases.

1.  Phase One:  Strategic Vision Immersion Process  (Two to Three Days)

The actual program will begin with a two to three day retreat to jump start the actual vision process.  The focus will be on:

Day One:  Igniting Your Vision – Using cutting edge brain science techniques and right brain activities, we will help you create a bigger, clearer, more compelling vision than ever before. Our unique process — combining visual templates, story creation processes and advanced visualization techniques — guarantees to energize your team, unleash new possibilities and rekindle the fire.

Day Two and Three:  Creating Strategic Alignment – Achieving your new vision requires alignment – first, alignment with your mission and values; then, with your most important goals and strategies.  Having 100% alignment is often the missing yet critical piece in vision work.

In addition to creating your strategic roadmap, we also help you identify external and internal factors that may influence the outcome of your plan (either positively or negatively).  The primary purpose is to focus on “what if”  concerns, along with solutions to avoid them.

2. Phase Two:  Transforming Vision to Reality  (Six to 11 Months)

The length and structure of phase two will depend on a number of factors:  how much of a gap between today’s reality and tomorrow’s desired future; what’s already in place for strong execution, tracking and organizational alignment; your leaders’ current capacity to drive results.

This part of the program is likely to include a combination of:

  • One-on-One Individual tele-coaching calls with one or more key leaders
  • Group tele-coaching calls for collaboration and alignment
  • One Day Team Off Site for execution details, success tracking and new updates

Is In-VisioningSM Program a Solution for You?

The ideal client for this program are key executives and managers within a company.  You will know this program is right for you because:

  • As a team, you are ready to step up your game and play bigger than you ever have.
  • You are committed to change, grow and contribute on a massive scale. To realize a leap in your leadership capacity – and you will if you are committed to this program, you must have a burning desire to change and grow.  That desire must be greater than the temptation to keep with status quo.
  • Your investment in this program is nothing compared to the high costs of an under-performing leader or leadership team.

Arrange a Complimentary Leadership Edge™ Strategy Session

If you are eager to raise the bar and realize a compelling, bold vision for the future, I invite you to a complimentary Leadership Edge™ strategy session.  By the end of this session, you will have:

  • A clear vision of how your leaders need to grow to drive company goals, strategies and future success
  • Clarity about current leadership and organizational challenges
  • Ideas and a road map for achieving your vision

This strategy session will last about 90 minutes and will be well worth your time. You will gain valuable insight about your “real” issues, desired outcomes and solutions for achieving your outcomes.

Schedule a Leadership Edge Strategy Session.  I would love to hear from you.

In Service,
Denise Corcoran

If you’re ready to achieve game-changing success by design, sign up for a complimentary Leadership Edge™ Strategy Session or contact The Empowered Business™ directly at (650) 348-1842.