Game-Changing Organizations:  Igniting
People and Potential… Transforming Profits
and Performance

Ignite People and Potential... Transform Profits and PerformanceThe biggest mistake companies make in attempting to drive organizational performance is failing to view its organization as an interactive, dynamic and ever changing living system.

The following game changing organizational programs help your company tap into that “invisible force” that engages, empowers and energizes the creative sparks that pull your organization forward to that next level of growth.

Game-Changing Organizational Transformation Programs

Co-Destiny Leadership:  Igniting Your Company’s Potential By Empowering Your Employees To Reach Theirs

True leadership is a discovering of oneself, and tapping into an inner force of power that ignites presence, impact and great achievement.  Leaders cannot truly lead and inspire others without embarking upon their own inward journey of personal transformation.  They are the “invisible” glue — the “soul” — of the organization.

In this advanced leadership transformational program, your leaders will connect with that deeper calling to become something greater beyond their “outer packaging.” They will discover who they truly are – a journey that takes them beyond coaching and mentoring to becoming an awakener.  From this new state of being, they will know how to ignite the minds and, more importantly, the hearts of their employees in a way that engages and empowers them to realize their own potential.

The Motivation Edge™:  Driving Peak Performance By Unlocking Your Motivation Code

What if  … there was an easy way in which you could predict the performance of your leaders and employees, your teams and your organization?

What if … you could gain access to the underlying motivators that drive someone to do their best work?

What if … you could eliminate costly hiring mistakes and determine in advance to what extent a candidate will perform well on the job or which candidate would be the best fit?

Such a solution exists and will transform what your organization can achieve now and in the future.

In-Visioning℠: Achieving Game-Changing Success … By Design

All great success stories have one thing in common.  They all start with a clear, compelling vision of what could be … who they could become … what difference they could make for a better future.  Unfortunately, even great achievements die quickly when one loses sight of that future end game and why it is important.

Our Invisioning program is a MUST for any organization in which: short terms needs and crises have trumped your long terms goals and direction; growth has plateaued and doing more of the same isn’t working; or you have lost sight of the passion that once drove your success and you would like to rekindle the fire and momentum.

Customized Organizational Consulting Services

We also offer an array of customized consulting services to help your organization reach that next level of growth and performance.  Sample services include:

  • Strategic Organizational Alignment:  The Key To Sustainable Growth
  • Synergy Plus:  Unleashing the Invisible Force that Propels Teams
  • Navigating Change:  Thriving in Uncertain Times
  • Attracting, Developing and Motivating Top Talent: The Key to a Highly Engaged Workforce
Reach your next level of growth and performance with our game-changing organizational programs. Request a complimentary Leadership Edge™ Strategy Session or contact The Empowered Business™ directly at (650) 348-1842.