Guiding Principles That Drive Our Work at The Empowered Business™

At the heart of our accomplishments are the beliefs and values that drive them. We do our best work when clients share some or all of the following beliefs that…

  1. Leading an organization is one of the most powerful vehicles for inner growth and transformation.   Most companies define leadership on the surface – ie., by traits and capabilities – and only develop the “outer packaging.”   However, real leadership is about what’s on the inside.  Leadership is a mindset and a state of being.  Leaders are the “invisible” glue — the “soul” — of the organization.  Being a leader is a continuous evolution of growing on the inside and then developing on the outside.  That transformation process is our mission.
  2. Within every individual exists seeds of greatnessWithin every company, a compelling purpose to make a difference.  Our role is to assist you in breaking through the boundary conditions of your thinking … tap into the “seat” of your passions … and rise to the top of your game in your contributions and achievements.
  3. It is important to challenge today’s success to realize tomorrow’s possibilities.  The thinking, skills and capabilities that drive your current success are the very factors now holding you back.  Our goal is to help you transform your present and re-invent your future.
  4. Our highest purpose is to be of “radical service” and our mission is one of transformation.  Our sole focus is to partner with our clients in building profitable organizations that leave their imprint on the world. We speak our truth and never sugarcoat the real issues inhibiting your growth or performance.  Your “highest and best interests” are our #1 priority.
  5. Being uncompromising about high impact results, integrity and win/win outcomes is at the heart of our commitment and results.  Because our focus is on people and the “intangibles” within an organization, we recognize that outcomes in this area may seem nebulous and “soft.” Unlike other coaching and consulting companies, we are adamant about establishing clear measures and tangible proof of success before we start any client engagement.  We partner with you, our client, every step of the way to ensure our work has a clear, measurable impact.  We stand behind our commitments to deliver real results.
To find out more about how we can help you and your company achieve similar results, schedule a complimentary Leadership Edge Strategy Session or contact us directly at (650) 348-1842.