The Unfair Leadership Edge™ 2:  Mastering Your Outer Game of Leadership

  • Are Your Leaders Struggling?Are your leaders struggling to get strong performance from your people?
  • Are your leaders driving results through their own efforts, not their team?
  • Is your company suffering from the high costs of employee turnover, disengagement and/or low motivation?

We invite your leadership team to learn how to develop external game-changing leadership competencies that drive peak performance within your organization.  We call this The Unfair Leadership Edge Program:  Mastering The Outer Game of Leadership.

This unique program is designed for leaders who want to cultivate inspired results-oriented leadership.   That is, the ability to lead from their own creative spark which, in turn, gives employees permission to ignite theirs  as well.

The problem is most companies make the mistake of hiring or promoting individuals to leadership roles based on their own individual results, capabilities and experience … not their leadership capacity.  The weak link in all under-performing organizations is under-performing leaders.

The REAL Truth Why Your Leaders are Struggling with Mediocrity and
Under-performing Teams:

  1. As a leader, you don’t know how to lead YOURSELF. 
    We call this ability self leadership.  You can’t lead others if you don’t know how to lead yourself.  You can’t lead yourself without strong self-awareness.  The truth is that leaders are often unaware of:  their own personal values and motivations; their sense of identity and mission that provides purpose; the ineffective behaviors, communications and actions that directs themselves and their team. Because employees model what leaders do, not what they say, weak self-leadership perpetuates a cycle of poor performance and low morale.
  2. As a leader, you don’t have the know-how or awareness of critical “soft,” intangible skills — such as employee engagement, development and motivation — that drive organizational performance.
    Leaders don’t lead, unless they have followers. Employees follow for their reasons, not yours. Employees give their best for their reasons, not yours. Research reveals that employee engagement is at an all-time low.  The number one factor preventing organizational growth and engagement is weak leadership capacity. Weak leadership “soft” skills is a costly epidemic in today’s business world.
  3. Most leaders lack the necessary mindset, capabilities and practices for strong accountability – the single most important foundational piece of high achieving organizations.
    Despite many companies’ well-intentioned efforts to create strong accountability, leaders still struggle to make it a reality.  Mediocrity, lack of execution, operational breakdowns and missed deliverables are hallmarks of poor accountability and the precursors to an out of control, under-performing organization.

The Leaders That Your Company Is Really Wanting Instead

You know that the only way to successfully grow your company is to successfully grow your leadership team’s capacity to lead the way.  Yet you often find that, even your best efforts to grow and develop your leadership team is not yielding the results you wanted and hoped for.  What you really want are:

  1. Leaders who have the presence and capacity to win the hearts and minds of employees to perform at their peak.
    Great leaders know how to inspire their team to play big, create positive experiences that motivate employees and challenge them to new heights of achievement.  To realize this capacity, a leader must know how to tap into the motivational drivers and hidden talents of each employee.  This is the ultimate secret to peak performance.
  2. Leaders with strong rapport and relationship building skills that garner respect and loyalty from their team. 
    Employees want to be heard and understood.  The secret is strong rapport building skills.  True rapport building requires advance communication skills, based on understanding different communication and listening styles, “speaking” a common language, the ability to “listen” beyond words and more.  The benefit of such a skill is mutual trust, increased productivity and stronger teams.
  3. Leaders who take responsibility for their communications, behaviors and actions.
    Strong self-leadership puts you at Cause for extra-ordinary outcomes within yourself and your team.  You want leaders who take commitments seriously, deliver on their promises and take full responsibility for all outcomes.  You want leaders who drive goals for themselves and others and focus on what’s most important.  Strong self leadership ignites confidence and motivation, high respect from others and models personal leadership for their team.
  4. Leaders with a strong accountability mindset, capabilities and skills to drive results through others.
    A critical aspect of strong accountability is organizational alignment.  In order to do so, leaders must “connect the dots” for their team between company goals and an employee’s responsibilities and areas of contributions.  Leaders must also have strong performance management, coaching and delegation skills to truly lead their team to success and victory.  In today’s fast paced business world, the difference between profitable growth and financial disaster is strong accountability.
  5. Leaders who have the capacity and capability to create high performing teams.
    At the heart of every high performing team is synergy.  For team synergy to be present, a leader must know how to create a common sense of group purpose, direction and goals.  At the same time, a leader must know how to leverage the diverse talents, styles and perspectives of each team member to achieve that common purpose and goal.

While it can take years or even decades for great leaders to develop crucial external competencies to peak performing organizations, there is a better way.

The Solution?  The Unfair Leadership Edge™.

The Unfair Leadership Edge is a combination of two unique leadership transformation programs and can be taken together or individually.

Program 1: The Unfair Leadership Edge™:  Mastering Your Inner Game

This one-of-a-kind leadership program is based on the most advanced principles from neuro-related disciplines, psychology and quantum science.  It will teach you how to ignite your leadership potential — easily and rapidly — by unleashing the power of your mind.

Program 2: The Unfair Leadership Edge™:  Mastering Your Outer Game

Mastering The Outer Game of Leadership focuses on developing external game-changing competencies that drive peak performance within your organization. Competencies include how to: build a high performance culture; develop strong engagement skills; motivate employees to greater success and fulfillment; empower employees to become leaders in their own right and more.  (See below.)

Our Secret “Sauce” for our Mastering Your Outer Game (MYOG) Program

MYOG succeeds on a strong foundation of both “inner game” and “outer game” leadership breakthroughs.


Leadership Breakthrough 1: Cultivating and Mastering Strong
Personal Leadership

Mastering Your Outer Game ProgramKnowing how to cultivate and sustain your own “A” game is at the core of our Outer Game Leadership Program.  By the end of this program, you will have mastered strong self awareness and developed 100% inner congruency that propels you forward with enthusiasm, passion, meaning and laser-focused action.  You will learn how to lead your own efforts from your desired end-game with purpose and direction.

Leadership Breakthrough 2: Building Strong Employee
Relationships and Engagement

Our Outer Game program teaches you the most advanced rapport building and engagement skills for rapid inter-personal and team breakthroughs.  We utilize the latest brain science principles and practices to help you quickly build mutual trust, respect and admiration within your team.  You will learn how to communicate with others according to their own personal “language” filters and thinking style for instant rapport.  You will learn cutting edge techniques for creating leadership presence and impact with your team.

Leadership Breakthrough 3: Creating Strong Accountability that Delivers on Strategy and Results

Accountability is one of the least understood concepts among leaders, yet the “make or break” capability for strong profitable growth.  It is more than a set of practices and processes.  It is, first and foremost, a mindset. Our Outer Game Program is unique in that we help you first cultivate the necessary mindset for a strong accountability culture.  Without the necessary mindset, accountability falls apart. From there, we help you develop the practices and systems to drive strategic organizational accountability that delivers on your goals and strategies.

Leadership Breakthrough 4: Leading From Influence and Impact by Uncovering Employees’ Motivation Sources

Motivation accounts for 40-60% of all performance and outcomes.  Yet few leaders and companies know how to uncover and tap into the sources of employee motivation.  Even fewer leadership development programs teach you that skill.  Our Outer Game Program uniquely provides you the tools and capabilities for mapping an employee’s motivation drivers for engagement and peak performance. 

Leadership Breakthrough 5: Developing Exponential Leadership (LP2)

The final “outer game” breakthrough necessary for peak performing organizations is the leadership capacity to develop other leaders. The biggest challenge for any leader is to find, nurture and groom your company’s future leaders.   Cultivating other leaders helps you build a strong, self sustaining organization – one less dependent on your vision, drive and inspiration.  For many leaders letting go of the reins and leading from behind is a scary step.  We help you create the necessary mindset and outer skills to replicate a strong leadership capacity within your organization.

Mastering Your Outer Leadership Game Structure

1. Assessment and Discovery (Pre-program Foundation)

The process begins with a questionnaire and interview for identifying your “real” goals as a leader, changes you want to make, blocks holding you back and your level of commitment to change.

In addition, participants will take an online IWAM (Inventory of Attitude and Motivations) assessment prior to beginning the program.  IWAM assesses your mental filters and motivational patterns that drive perceptions, interpretations and focus.  These patterns (48 in total) define your “mental map.”   Your mental map ultimately drives your thinking, behaviors and actions.

2.  Change Immersion Process  (Two to three days)

The actual program will begin with a two to three day retreat to jump start the actual change process.

Our one to two day Hands-on “Working Laboratory” provides rapid breakthroughs in your outer game leadership capacity.  We start the process with strengthening your own self leadership.  By the end, you will uncover critical areas holding you back where your outer world — behaviors, actions and outcomes – are incongruent with your inner world drivers – i.e., your values, self perception, sense of mission and beliefs.  You will walk away with a deeper sense of yourself, what motivates you, how to be at your best and what propels you forward.

You will also start the learning process and practice of advanced rapport skills that will develop instant trust and connection with peers, employees and other leaders.

3.  Escalating Your Leadership Outer Game  (11 months)

The rest of our program will amplify and build upon your leadership changes started in the Change Immersion Process, in such outer game development areas as: strong organizational accountability, advanced communication skills, leading from influence and developing other leaders.

  1. One-on-one Individual tele-coaching calls (once a month)
  2. Group tele-coaching calls (twice a month)
  3. One Day Off Site Team for post program plans, reinforcement and celebration

Is The Unfair Leadership™ a Solution for You?

The ideal client for this program is a CEO, C-level manager, or an established leader at the VP level.   You will know this program is right for you because:

You are ready to step up your game and play bigger than you ever have, whether you are a top performer or a leader overwhelmed by the demands in your role.

You are committed to change, grow and contribute on a massive scale. To realize a leap in your leadership capacity – and you will if you are committed to this program, you must have a burning desire to change and grow.  That desire must be greater than the temptation to keep with status quo.

Your investment in this program is nothing compared to the high costs of an under-performing leader or leadership team.

Arrange a Complimentary Leadership Edge™ Strategy Session

The Unfair Leadership Edge program is one of the most powerful accelerated Leadership Success Conditioning Process ever developed, for those leaders who are ready to become exceptional.

If you or your leadership team are eager to raise the bar in terms of their own and their team’s performance , I invite you to a complimentary Leadership Edge™ strategy session. By the end of this session, you will have:

  • A clear vision of how your leaders need to grow to drive company goals, strategies and future success
  • Clarity about current leadership and organizational challenges
  • Ideas and a road map for achieving your vision

This strategy session will last about 90 minutes and will be well worth your time. You will gain valuable insight about your “real” issues, desired outcomes and solutions for achieving your outcomes.

Schedule a Leadership Edge Strategy Session.  I would love to hear from you.

In Service,
Denise Corcoran

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