Growing Revenues and Profits… Accelerating Change… Igniting Leadership Performance

Our Success Stories Speak for Themselves

Our portfolio of client success stories will give you a sense of the challenges Denise is hired for, the breadth of results she provides, and the bottom-line impact her work delivers. You may recognize some of your own challenges in one or more of these case studies. We invite you to envision similar outcomes for you and your organization and the difference it could make in your company.

Growing Revenues and Profits

70% Company Growth in Two Years

After stalled growth for over five years, this company took off after: defining a new compelling vision, goals and critical success factors driving them; igniting a new sense of leadership team cohesiveness and communications; and implementing a strategic management process that ensured progress, results and accountability.

32% Increase in Sales Conversions in Six Weeks

After uncovering the mindset, attitudes and communication differences between the top performing and inconsistent sales reps, this teams sales conversion rates went through the roof in a matter of weeks using our Excellence Modeling techniques and processes.

Executive Growth Drives Revenue and Profit Growth

Stuck in a tactical, transactional approach and low confidence about meeting the company’s future needs, the VP, Marketing/Sales successfully developed new strategic thinking “muscles “and a profit mindset, resulting in breakthrough levels of revenues and profits for the company.

Driving Change

From Breakdowns and Crises to a High Performance Accountability Culture

Overwhelmed with missed deadlines, breakdowns and poor performance, this company needed and developed a strong, healthy, results-driven accountability culture that eventually drove growth, cross collaboration and increased performance.

Leadership Transformation Accelerates Team Performance, Collaboration and Greater Capacity to Drive Growth

This task-driven, “shoot from the hip” V.P. with weak people skills needed to transform his mindset, attitudes and behaviors to drive company results through people after explosive growth. End result: new capacity to think strategically; stronger results-focused delegation, team engagement and collaboration; shift from “I” to “we” mindset; shift from tasks to results-driven.

Igniting Leadership Performance

New Presidential Mindset and Strategic Management Process Fuel Executive Team Growth

President’s internal conflicts and limited beliefs prevented him from “stepping into” his role as company leader and drive results. Cultivating new beliefs, confidence and internal congruency about his role, the President fuels growth, communications and “truth telling” about the issues amongst his executive team.

High Achieving Executive Groomed for Presidential Role

This highly ambitious executive was challenged in putting aside his personal agenda for company priorities and managing operational details critical to profitability and customer service. End result: Executive expanded his responsibilities, was perceived as a valued team player by his peers and helped the company achieve greatest gains in growth and customer excellence.

V.P. Drives Growth by Becoming a Strategic Thinking, Profit Minded Leader

Company needed the V.P., Marketing/Sales to shift from a tactical, transaction-oriented leader to a strategic thinking, profit minded leader capable of driving company’s aggressive growth goals. End result: her new capacity to think strategically, her increased confidence to work with financial numbers, her changed self-perception from manager to leader gave her the necessary mindset and capabilities to drive the company to a new level of growth and profits.

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