High Achieving Executive Groomed for Presidential Role


CEO sought my help in coaching a highly ambitious, achievement-driven executive in a number of critical areas to take over the company’s Presidential role.

  1. His drive for personal success often took a front seat to the company’s needs and goals. The CEO wanted him to detach from his own ideas and put company results first.
  2. The executive was challenged in managing critical customer service details and relieve the CEO’s worry about the details. However, the executive’s demonstrated a high need for variety and focus on the big picture (opposite of what was needed for his role).


This six month coaching process involved first getting feedback from other executives and their perceptions of this individual’s attitudes and motivations, and their impact on the team. Second step focused on the necessary “inner” changes to drive new attitudes, behaviors and performance to prepare this executive for President’s role.


Using Neurolingusitic Programming (NLP) tools and mindset technologies, we were able to create rapid dramatic shifts in attitudes, thinking and behaviors necessary for this executive to take on the President’s role. Specific breakthroughs included:

  1. Eliminating “values conflicts”—ie., “either/or” mentality—of putting company goals first without sacrificing or negating this executive’s strong drive for personal success.
  2. Eliminating the negative beliefs preventing this executive from admitting his weaknesses or “not knowing” for fear of being perceived as a failure.

As a result, the executive expanded his scope to other responsibilities and functions, was perceived as a valued team player by his peers and helped the company achieve many of their greatest gains in growth and customer excellence.

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