Want to Take Your Leadership and Organizational Performance to the Next Level?

Free Hot Tools and AssessmentsOur free tools and assessments include leadership and organizational diagnostics, decision making and planning tools, and skill building templates that will help you develop the unfair performance edge as a leader and a company.  Download one or more of the following tools, fill out your favorite tools and assessments and then give Denise a call to talk!

Free Hot Tools and Assessments

The Vision/Goals Grid Tool

This is one of the most powerful tools for moving you forward with your most important goals in any aspect of work – strategic goals, specific projects or initiatives, work relationships, marketing/customer service and more.  You will also get clear what you want to eliminate and what you want to avoid in your current situation.  A versatile tool that can be applied to your individual role, your organization or your entire company.

Download the Vision/Goals Grid Tool (PDF, 1.22 MB)

Comprehensive Self-Diagnostic of Your Leadership and Organizational Performance

This self-diagnostic is a valuable self-assessment tool that gives in-depth insight of the most important areas of your business that need to improve for you to reach that next level of performance and growth.  Complete as a single person or as an entire team.  This is a great tool for identifying your most important organizational priorities for moving forward with your business.

Download the Leadership and Organizational Self-Assessment (PDF, 99 KB)

Leadership Development Plan

The Leadership Development Plan is a unique tool in that it combines goals planning, project management and leadership development all in one.  In completing this easy to use form, you will define all the critical factors necessary to completing your goals/projects, overcome predictable stops and strengthen your own development areas to succeed.

Download the Leadership Development Tool (PDF, 97 KB)

One Year Company Growth Plan

The One Year Company Growth Plan is one of our clients’ favorite tools for mapping out their company’s one year growth vision in a succinct, comprehensive and thought-provoking format. Get rid of those lengthy, tedious and hard-to-implement business plans.  At your next annual executive planning session, use this tool to define your company’s compelling one year growth future and all the essential pieces to start executing right away.

Download the One Year Company Growth Tool (PDF, 121 KB)

The Project Action Plan

The Project Action Plan is an “all you need to know” roadmap – such as requirements, supporters/saboteurs, possible challenges, accountabilities, etc.—to successfully complete any single project.  Bonus benefits include that your entire project plan will be summarized on one page and it can be developed in less than 30 minutes.

Download The Project Action Plan (PDF, 414 KB)

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