The Motivation Edge™:  Driving Peak Performance by Unlocking Your Motivation Code

Unlock Your Motivation CodeWhat if…

  • You could easily predict the performance of your leaders and employees, your teams and your organization? 
  • You could gain access to the underlying motivators that drive someone to do their best work?
  • You could eliminate costly hiring mistakes and determine in advance to what extent a candidate will perform well on the job or which candidate would be the best fit?

Such a solution exists and will unleash the potential and performance within your organization.

We call this solution The Motivation Edge™ Program. Motivations and attitudes determine what we pay attention to in our experience. This focus then drives our behavior, actions and communications, which ultimately drive our results.

Motivations and attitudes in the workplace are the invisible forces that pull people in a certain direction.   They also determine to what extent employees apply their talents and capabilities in a particular role.

With having the ability to uncover and measure one’s motivation patterns, you can unlock the motivational code for improving engagement, productivity and performance in your workplace.

“Companies with highly engaged employees typically achieve financial performance 400% greater than a company with poor employee attitudes.”

The REAL Truth Why Your Company’s Employees are Disengaged,
Unmotivated and Under-performing:

  1. Most companies mistakenly believe that competency is the #1 driver of performance and success.  They are dead wrong!
    Just because an employee has a certain capability doesn’t mean that they will use it or are motivated to use it.  We all know people who are highly educated and/or highly talented, yet just get by in their work role.  Competency accounts for, at best, 20% of performance.  Yet companies continue to highly invest in skills development only to be disappointed by little or no difference in performance.
  2. Any efforts to motivate employees is typically done on an “over-generalized,” company wide, carrot and stick approach that has marginal or no payoff.
    Every year companies waste huge sums of money in employee perks, rewards, bonuses and work-life initiatives in an attempt to attract and motivate employees.  Perks and compensation are forms of extrinsic motivation that merely prevent employee dissatisfaction.   They don’t in any way increase the true driver of employee engagement — intrinsic motivation.  Few companies recognize or invest in the real key that would unlock true motivation.
  3. The biggest organizational challenge for most companies is being able to predict employee performance and organizational fit.
    Every year companies make costly hiring mistakes because they decide mostly on the basis of a resume and interview – both of which are totally unreliable predictors of future performance.  Leaders often put too much stock on past accomplishments, rehearsed responses to interview questions or personal like-ability in making hiring decisions.  Companies rarely assess attitudes, inter-personal capabilities and culture fit in their hiring decision process – the factors that have the biggest impact on employee motivation and performance.

What Your Company Really Wants Instead

  1. The ability to predict performance of employees in foresight, not hindsight. 
    Having such an ability will reduce the high cost of hiring mistakes and ensure a highly productive workforce.
  2. Have a tool to assess “best fit” candidate for a given job role and your company culture. 
    Hiring “best fit” employees for your role and culture not only brings out the best in your people.  It also is the # 1 overlooked factor to organizational harmony, strong teamwork and a happy, engaged workforce.
  3. Have a way to determine critical employee development areas with precision that will maximize performance.
    Most companies focus employee development efforts on improving behaviors or skills, rather than improving the underlying causes that drive employee to perform at their best.  Having the capability to develop employees in their highest payoff areas increases employee success, retention and growth at an accelerated rate.
  4. The know-how to best motivate and retain your key performers and bring out their best.
    A single top performing employee can contribute as much as 10 mediocre or under-performing employees to your company’s productivity and bottom line. The key is knowing how to motivate and retain them to capitalize on their potential.
  5. The ability to tailor your communications as a leader for greater influence and engagement.
    Strong inter-personal influence requires a leader to adapt his/her communications to each employee’s inner motivational map or landscape.  Having that capability strengthens your working relationship, increases trust and understanding, and creates instant rapport.

The Solution?  The Motivation Edge™:  Driving Peak Performance by Unlocking Your Motivation Code

Unlock Your Motivation CodeThe Motivation Edge™ is a customized program to quickly and powerfully address your most challenging performance issues and desired outcomes.

At The Empowered Business™, we specialize in what drives motivation, why people do what they do and what are the cause factors that drive behaviors, actions and performance.

We are one of a few U.S. consultants utilizing a unique online assessment tool — called Inventory of Workplace Attitudes and Motivations (IWAM) – that maps 48 distinct attitudinal and motivational drivers to create a unique blueprint of someone’s motivation at work.

These motivational drivers are a strong predictor of behavior patterns, communication styles, thinking and decision making preferences and ultimately performance.  These motivational maps unlock the unique code for driving sustained motivation in your workplace, as well as increased productivity, engagement and performance. They unlock the success mindset for a given role and a map for replicating that mindset across under-performing employees.

Research has found that an individual’s motivational drivers can explain 40-70% of an employee’s performance.

IWAM is the only assessment tool that can help you leverage and maximize potential in your workplace.

What Kind of Performance Issues, Needs and Desired Outcomes Can the IWAM Assessment Address?

Let’s take a look at the wide variety of performance questions that you can answer with the IWAM assessment — on an individual, pair, team and culture level.

1. Attracting, hiring and keeping high performing employees

  • Who is my “best fit” candidate for a given role?
  • How can I predict performance before they even start?
  • How can I motivate and retain top talent?
  • How can I replicate the success mindset of peak performers?
  • What differentiates my top performers vs. lower performing employees?
  • How do I screen applicants based on role fit and motivation and not just on competency?

2. Coaching and precision development plans for long term employee growth

  • What tasks are best suited for an employee’s natural work preference?
  • How can I tailor my coaching and communication style for the greatest impact, influence and engagement?
  • What roles can I place individuals in to deliver maximum benefit to the organization?
  • What language motivates and de-motivates my employees?

3. Improved inter-personal relationships and collaboration

  • How can I work more effectively with peers, customers and suppliers?
  • Why do I easily click with some people and clash with others in the workplace?
  • What strategies can we use to avoid conflict and enhance collaboration?

4. Increasing team synergies and productivity

  • How does each member fit within the team?
  • What factors drive conflict vs collaboration with our teams?
  • How do we best leverage the similarities and differences within our team?
  • What strategies will increase team cohesiveness?  What factors are preventing team synergies?

5. Game-changing leadership growth

  • How can you best identify emerging future leaders with the greatest leadership potential?
  • What mindset and motivational blocks are preventing a leader from that next level of growth and performance?
  • What’s the best succession and development plans for future leaders?
  • What motivational drivers are preventing your leadership team from delivering and achieving your company’s goals and strategies?

The Motivation Edge™ Program is the only program that can give you rapid answers and solutions to these and other performance challenges and desired outcomes.

It cuts out the guess work, saves you huge amounts of time and money resources, eliminates hiring and employee development mistakes and accelerates your company’s productivity, growth and profits by uncovering the hidden drivers responsible for as much as 70% of performance.

Arrange a Complimentary Leadership Edge™ Strategy Session

The Motivation Edge offering is one of the most powerful tools for companies wanting to unlock the motivational code that drives peak performance.

If you are eager to raise the bar in leadership and organizational performance, I invite you to a complimentary Leadership Edge™ strategy session.  By the end of this session, you will have:

  • A clear vision of how your leaders and organization need to grow to drive company goals, strategies and future success
  • Clarity about current leadership and organizational challenges
  • Ideas and a road map for achieving your vision

This strategy session will last about 90 minutes and will be well worth your time. You will gain valuable insight about your “real” issues, desired outcomes and solutions for achieving your outcomes.

Schedule a Leadership Edge Strategy Session.  I would love to hear from you.

In Service,
Denise Corcoran

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