V.P. Achieves Breakthroughs in His Leadership Confidence and Capacity to Lead a Highly Engaged Team


V.P., Engineering was strong in his technical and task management skills, yet challenged in his “softer” people engagement skills. These undeveloped “softer” skills undermined his ability to lead and motivate his team and resolve conflict.

Because of his strong tendency to manage tasks, he needed to develop a more strategic mindset and capabilities to close bigger, value-added deals with customers and to increase profitability of the company.


  • Through the use of IWAM assessment, we uncovered the V.P.’s “attitude and motivational patterns” driving his behavior, performance and outcomes. Using neuro-related disciplines, transformed his thinking style from a task focus to high level goals to drive the company’s direction.
  • Our 6 month leadership coaching program focused on transforming his people skills and communication to one of openness to new perspectives, effective listening, a “learning” attitude and trust-building with his employees.


I am deeply grateful to Denise for the tremendous improvement in my career as V.P., Engineering. She quickly understood whom I was and what we needed to do to shift results. She accomplished this through tactful questioning of day-to-day issues that were a challenge to me. This was the main difference with Denise vs. other consultants we have worked with over the years. I learned to resolve conflicts and that conflict was good if addressed in a constructive way.

With Denise, I learned to speak my voice and have the confidence to present my ideas to my peers. I learned to set a time and place for strategic thinking where I could see possibilities and plan for change. I am more interested in my team and peers on a personal level. I feel a higher self-regard and for others I work with. People have noticed the change and have found me more approachable to work with. The improvements made with Denise have made my life and career a rewarding experience. I am emotionally charged to meet the new challenges of today and tomorrow. Thank you, Denise!”

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