Company “Hits a Wall” and Seeks Expertise to Unleash a New Level of Growth and Performance


As with all growing enterprises, the strategies, thinking and behaviors that drove this company’s past success prevented it from realizing new growth. If the company wanted to breakthrough their “growth wall,” they needed to go beyond “incremental change” (ie., improving what they have done in the past) and transform on a more fundamental level who they were and how they thought to deliver on long term goals and strategies.


An organizational audit to assess:

  1. Each executive’s understanding of his/her respective role, mission and critical success factors and how those factors contribute to the company’s goals
  2. Leadership and organizational beliefs, “limiting” values, behaviors and communication processes impeding the company’s growth and success
  3. To what extent employees were aligned with “bought into” and understood their contribution to the company’s goals, vision, values and bottomline
  4. Effectiveness of people practices (such as recognition/rewards, performance evaluations, employee development, etc.) to inspire peak performance


Based on our recommendations, company changed in four critical areas to drive growth. The leadership team increased their consciousness and thinking capacity from transactional to transformational leadership. The company strengthened its culture at the lower levels due to past erosion. New organizational structure provided strong cross-functional collaboration necessary for growth. Finally, people practices (eg, measurable performance expectations, employee recruitment, on boarding) were formalized to unleash a new level of performance and profits.

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