32% Increase in Sales Conversions in Six Weeks


To increase the company’s ROI on direct marketing campaigns, the CEO initiated a sales conversion standard for company’s customer service representatives (CSRs). Up to that point, the CSRs were skilled at and trained on giving great customer service, not on closing sales.

For this reason, many CSRs performed below the sales conversion standard. The company tried various methods —such as, sales coaching, mentoring from top performers and sales scripts—with no success. CSRs resisted traditional sales methods, feeling like “used car salesmen” and both motivation and results suffered.


There were three main phases to this engagement:

  1. Discovery phase to get a firsthand experience how the CSRs were handling calls by listening to recorded calls and placing live calls analysis.
  2. Developing a “Model of Excellence” by interviewing top-performing CSRs vs. underperforming, inconsistent CSRs and identifying the mindset “differences that made the difference” of top performers. That is, how did their beliefs, attitudes, values and self-perceptions drive different communications and behaviors on customer calls from those of the under-performing CSRs.
  3. “Mentally conditioning” new psychological drivers for under-performing CSRs with those of top producers. Plus, training same CSRs with advanced communication skills to drive significant increases in sales conversions.


The breakthroughs for the CSRs participating in this program were stellar. Included:

  1. 32% increase in sales conversions in less than six weeks!
  2. The originally under-performing CSRs consistently became top performers in sales, often #1.
  3. Significant increase in CSR engagement and enjoyment in their roles.
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