Company Develops a Strong Values-Driven Culture That Drives 70% Growth in Two Years


Company’s revenues had plateaued for at least 5 years and were looking to go to that next level of growth. They tried everything to change their direction with little success.

They hired Denise as an out-side expert to assess the real issues and the necessary solutions to realize their desired growth. Also the leadership team was seeking to rekindle passion, a compelling sense of vision and cohesiveness they once had, but had lost.


The client engagement was divided into three phases:

  1. Organizational Audit to get a “pulse” on the organization, uncover blindspots and assess to what extent employees and the leaders were on the same page about the company’s vision, values and goals.
  2. Executive Planning Retreat that would: identify operational values and behaviors critical for the company grow; re-inspire the leadership team with a clear compelling vision and goals; facilitate a safe place to resolve unspoken issues and ignite a new sense of team cohesiveness amongst the executives.
  3. Three month coaching with the President to ensure their values, vision and goals were put into action daily and develop processes for sustainable outcomes.


In the CEO’s words, the benefits and value of the cultural transformation we helped bring about included:

  1. “Additional operational values to drive our company culture toward growth”
  2. “Action plans, assignments and a system of accountability to move forward”
  3. “The pivotal moment was the Hero’s Journey exercise that got everyone to open up very quickly. The biggest difference for me was walking away from the retreat with a deeper understanding of my teammates and a deeper appreciation of them. I loved this exercise!”
  4. “The zinger of questions that Denise asks makes us think ‘wow’ I never saw it that way.”
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