How a President’s Own Transformation Fueled Executive Team Growth


CEO approached me with her concern that the President was not fully “stepping into his role” necessary for the company’s future growth and success. The President was still getting caught up in details and solving problems that his Executive Team should be doing.

In addition, the company needed to develop a Strategic Management process that would help the Executive Team get visibility to key critical success factors and performance indicators.


A six month Transformational Leadership Coaching Program focused on:

  • Eliminating internal blocks, conflicts and beliefs preventing the President from fully stepping into and “owning” his role at a new level.
  • Increasing President’s effectiveness in executive coaching and accountability of his leadership team.
  • Guiding the President in how to develop a Strategic Management process to realize company goals and vision.


On an external level, the President put into place a Strategic Management process that drove growth and results with the Executive Team.

On an internal level, the President shared:

My leadership style has changed greatly. My Executive Team see me more as a leader helping to develop them. Our comfort level discussing issues is much higher. I feel each team member is growing and together we have a good understanding where we need to grow. The pivotal moment was understanding my limited beliefs about my Presidential role and how they were holding me back. My comfort level with my role and who I am is much higher and no more internal conflict holding me back.

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