Marketing/ Sales V.P. Drives Growth and Profitability by Becoming a Strategic Thinking, Profit-Minded Leader


Company’s revenues had grown in small, steady increments with fluctuating profits for decades. They were ready to take a leap in growth while maintaining margins, yet didn’t know how.

In order to achieve this goal, the V.P., Marketing/Sales needed to become more strategic-thinking and profit-minded in acquiring new customers and penetrating deeper with existing customers. Yet this V.P. lacked the confidence to drive the company’s aggressive growth goals. And her natural strengths in tactics and details were opposite of what was needed.


In order to achieve rapid breakthroughs, a concentrated three month leadership coaching was necessary with a focus on:

  1. Shifting her internal “identification” from that of a manager to a competent, confident marketing/sales leader. Also assisting her in “owning” her new role while envisioning the necessary changes to achieve aggressive growth.
  2. Eliminating her blocks, fears and limiting beliefs about having a “profit mindset” when acquiring new customers.
  3. Coaching the V.P. in developing her “strategic thinking” muscle to drive new behaviors and decision making aligned with the company’s future.


According to the CEO, the impact of our coaching work with V.P., Marketing/Sales resulted in the following rapid changes:

  1. “Acts as a more confident leader.”
  2. “Her ability to communicate more directly has sped up her decision making.”
  3. “She is able to see things from a strategic viewpoint. We have more productive discussions about sales, profits and pricing.”
  4. “Eliminated negative beliefs holding her back in her leadership role.
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