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Pain VS Gain: How to Best Motivate Buyers to Buy

 Guest Article by Dan Seidman

Dan Piano SMEI 3 StandingPicture this, you’re 12 years old and you fly into the house after school. “Mom, Dad, guess what I decided today? I’m gonna be a doctor!”

Mom is always encouraging. “Honey, that’s great! Doctors are well respected. You’ll make good money, have a nice spouse and a nice house. I’m so glad you’re going to be a doctor.”

In contrast, how might Dad respond? “A doctor? Are you kidding me? Do you know how many years you have to go to school to become a doctor? Do you know how much money it costs? And you’ll be working with sick people all day.

Posted by Denise Corcoran on July 7, 2015 in Influence, Mindset, Motivation, Selling.